August 2008
Fahrenheit 212
brand strategy, product development

Fahrenheit 212, a leading innovation consultancy in New York City, assigned me the challenge of inventing three distinct and original beverage brands within the time frame of one week. The pages are my response to this challenge, which earned me admittance into FH 212’s elite pool of “Idea Generators.” Each of the three brands that I proposed is comprehensively described and presented through a combination of written strategy, storytelling and visual design, including logos and packaging concepts.

3 Beverages included:

The It Drink

A great tasting mystery drink. Consumers must guess the three magic ingredients that make it “It” in order to win a prize.

Warrior Juice

A fantasy-driven juice brand that motivates children to drink healthy beverages and learn about the benefits of different vitamins and nutrients.


A comprehensive brand of authentic teas from the world’s great traditions.