Jan 2013 - Sept 2016
IF List, inc.
web design, creative direction, branding, strategy

The Imagine Film List (“The IF List” for short) – – was a crowd-casting website that I co-founded with fellow designers and business partners Benny Hung and Ian Spangler. The platform enabled anyone – inside or outside the entertainment industry – to share their visions for movies based on books, comics, real events and other sources. Fans could propose stories and nominate actors and filmmakers, who received votes from the public. The most popular proposals were ranked at the top of The IF List, where they were in the best position to attract the attention of industry professionals.

After receiving funding from angel investors, The IF List launched in June of 2014 and ran online until September of 2016. During its 2 year run, the site attracted over 150,000 registered users, including several hundred best-selling authors who used the platform as a tool to share casting ideas and gain support for their work to be optioned for film and TV. The IF List was the first major online database to aggregate statistics that show Hollywood what fans want to see on the screen.

As co-founder and creative director, I was an integral force behind The IF List’s concept development, branding and visual design. In addition to creating many of the page layouts, I led creative marketing initiatives, wrote copy, managed content and worked to translate the brand across various media.


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